Company Profile

SHANGHAI FANCHENG INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO.,LTD is is approved by the national foreign economy &trade committee, was incorporated in the state administration for industry and commerce for the record of professional INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS enterprise, providing customers with integrated LOGISTICS services.

    We have a complete system for both import and export cargo transfer with mordenlised management and a professional experienced team. We offer safe, quick, and economic transfer solutions on international transport. We believe good service and faith will make our service quality improved more and more

Logistics system:

    Our company has our own management warehouses and transport of container and bulk cargo. We specialized in tracking each container / order and with responsible personal to work with every case. we also arrange river barge to trans. cargo to the assigned port via river, and cooperation with someone who need to send and received cargo. As our perfect transfer net system of road, railway, and river transport, we also accept door to door service ( From the place which the goods start to the hand of customer)

Services we offer:

• Ocean Transport

• Air Transport

• Road and rail transport

• Special projects

• Insurance


    The Customs department can efficiently manage shipments of goods and advise at any stage of operations related to Customs. The experience and knowledge of Customs laws and being an AEO since 2008 facilitates the removal of the goods from ports, airports, free zones and customs warehouses, saving time and ensuring secure clearance.

Services we offer in Customs are:

• Customs clearance of import, export and transit

• Customs warehouses

• Deposits other than customs

• Technical services border inspection

• Inward or Outward

• Temporary importation

• Simplified clearance procedure

• Operations of non-resident companies

• Processing under Customs control

• Processing of certificates and licenses to government agencies

• Intrastate

• Exemptions on goods importation

• Return of goods

• Document archive

net service system:

To improve our service in order to satisfy our customer, we establish many agent station include (Japan/South Korea/Hong Kong Taiwan Thailand/Philippines/Vietnam


/Portugal/UK/Brazil/Peru/Ecuador/Colombia/Chile/Costa Rica/USA/Canada/Kenya/Nigeria/South Africa etc.); Due to our perfect net service system we offer professional service to our customer, and also a good chance to cooperate with new customer.